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Exporting tool

February 2nd, 2013 12 comments

I knew it’d be a chore, but it had to be done; I needed to write a tool that allows me to export models and animations from Maya to Unity into several frequently used folders very quickly. Similar to what I did with MayaCE3. So the process goes like this: I select any part of the model, choose a path in the menu and click export. And that’s it. A backup file is also created, in case I discover that my tiny innocuous changes have ruined everything!


I might make it public at some point if there’s enough of an interest for it. But truth be told I don’t even know if there’s a lot of Unity people coming to this site (after all, it used to be heavily geared at the CryEngine until not too long).

Also, I’ve been working very hard on a video of the beta that shows a little gameplay. I hope I can post it within a couple of weeks. The old video was grossly outdated anyway, since I switched to Unity 4. And I don’t count anymore how many times I’ve been asked to post a new video. So here’s a little screen-grab of the video for you, as a teaser… :)


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