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Major poseLib update!

September 30th, 2008 1 comment

I’ve just made a major update to poseLib (version 4.4.0). The biggest addition probably being the long awaited support for Macs (and OSX). A big thanks goes to Ludo for taking the time to thoroughly test it!

Also, I’ve decided to switch poseLib from a freeware model to a honor-based system (basically a donation principle). It means that people who use and like poseLib can make a donation to help the development and express their satisfaction with the tool. But I didn’t want to turn it into a plugin with DRM and thus force users to buy it. As I said, it’s “honor-based”; you do what you choose to… :)

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“Ghost of a Tale”

September 21st, 2008 10 comments

Here is a screenshot of a Crysis mod I’m working on (when I have time, of course). Again, I have to say that the CryEngine 2 is very impressive indeed. It allows you to fine tune the shaders and the lighting to a degree of precision that is unprecedented in the domain of video-games. And since I’m using MayaCGF, I just have to click one button to send the model from Maya to Sandbox 2 (the Crysis editor). And if I update the model in Maya, I just click the refresh button in the editor and the updated model is instantly reloaded. I’m loving it!!

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Reporting progress on the short!

September 16th, 2008 1 comment

I’ve recently moved the first couple of shots through the whole pipeline, from animatic to “final” compositing stage. Of course, as on any movie, I’m sure I’ll tweak the shots before the production is over though, just to upgrade them to a higher level of quality. Anyway, it’s really rewarding! Yay! 😀

Oh, and a good friend of mine named Fabrice Joubert just finished his short movie called French Roast. Congrats to him and the crew! Try and catch it in festivals, it’s all good!

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Network Rendering

September 7th, 2008 No comments

I’ve just started my wonderful adventures in render-land, and I’ve recently had to setup a (very small) render farm. After having experienced difficulties finding information online for doing so, I wrote a few simple tips about setting up a couple of machines for the purpose of network rendering with Mental Ray and Maya. This is fairly technical stuff, but who knows, maybe some of you will find that useful…

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