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poseLib for Maya 2011

July 2nd, 2010 3 comments

I just released a new version of poseLib for Maya 2011. It’s compatible with Windows and Linux (didn’t test it on a  Mac, since I don’t have one). Between Highend3d and this site, poseLib’s been downloaded well over 20,000 times. And I know for a fact that it’s being used on production by movie and video-game studios worldwide. And do you know how many people expressed their support by donating? Two. Funny, no? 😛

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Walk Cycle Test

May 16th, 2010 5 comments

Here is a simple walk cycle made in Maya and exported to Sandbox2. I did it mostly to test the attachment concept with MayaCGF. So the only smooth skinned elements are the bones and the chainmail cowl. The other attachments (shield, sword, etc…) are rigid. Note that the secondary animation on the quiver is automatic; you just choose an axis and a damping value.

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Astroboy (Part 1)

January 24th, 2010 6 comments

While digging on my hard drive I found an early development test for “Astroboy” (done quickly, mostly to try the arm rig). Now this particular test was done in pre-production and I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the model has obviously evolved; the proportions ended-up less child-like. Also, the hands don’t seem as huge anymore.  I’ll try to post another test later on. By the way, the animation on the movie was directed by a friend of mine, Jakob Jensen. Anyway, enjoy!

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