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Quick technical update

November 22nd, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I released a new poseLib version with a couple of minor fixes. As usual you can find it here. I also updated the shotCam rig with both a new shotCam.ma file and the matching shotCamLister script which you can find here. Another addition to the Crysis tools I put up is crysisCleanupObj which fixes the problems inherent to exporting a brush as an .obj file from Sandbox2. It’s available on the MEL scripts page.

As a side note, I see my little Crysis map has been downloaded more then a thousand and six hundred times on Crymod (and I don’t dare to look how many times on this site). That’s just ridiculous.

Oh and I’m 99% done with the first pass of the 3D layout on my movie. Yay! :)

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  1. alex
    November 30th, 2007 at 03:42 | #1

    Your island is amazing, so CONGRATULATIONS on achieving such popularity :) I think the reason is because the actual geography is highly realistic, even moreso than the game in many ways. It feels like a real place.

    On that note, do you have any words of wisdom on actually creating a level design that is realistic? I can work out the implementation theory myself but I’m always creatively lacking 😉

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