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DRM rant (part Deux)

Yep, you may have read my previous rant on the Assassin’s Creed 2 DRM “always on” debacle, but apparently a small game was released yesterday that suffered the same fate: Diablo 3. Except this time, having heard about Blizzard’s plans I simply didn’t buy their game. Nor will I buy Assassin’s Creed 3 if Ubisoft keeps on with their bone-headed decision.

I guess what hurts most is players are being told that “this is for their own benefit”. I mean how much of a spin-crazy heartless cynic do you have to be to even say such a thing? And it seems Kotaku (and half of The Internets) is of the same mind. Here’s a quote regarding the recent Diablo 3 launch fiasco:

We always knew that by demanding a constant internet connection, Blizzard was taking away a portion of the consumer’s ownership of their game. […] It means that we play at their pleasure, and that we no longer have the power to decide when our game starts and when it doesn’t.

There are plenty of games out there, made by small dedicated studios that vie for your attention. And the best thing? They don’t take you for an idiot. So I may eventually end up buying Blizzard’s game, but it’ll be with a bitter taste in my mouth stemmed from the full knowledge that my money vindicates their hurtful anti-piracy schemes.

So there you go. Everybody hurts. The game editors, the players… Well, everybody but the “pirates” (you know, the people who play their games without DRM hassles). Now what’s wrong with this picture?

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