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Texturing fishboy

November 14th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Retopology of the Sculptris model is done at last. So yesterday I finally bought Zbrush 4.0 and I started working on painting the textures. I love the render options and the process of painting itself is pretty fun once I figured out how things are supposed to work. So far I’m loving it, but man, rarely have I met a program so counter-intuitive…

I mean, the navigation is really iffy and the menus are actually in alphabetical order! So the “File” menu is lost among the other menus instead of being the first one on the left (as is the case in ALL other programs). I guess if Pixologic did hardware keyboards, the keys would also be in alphabetical order, just because it’s “easier to find them”…! 😉

Oh well, I suppose I could have gone with Mudbox instead, but I did a test projecting the high-rez Sculptris sculpture on my retopologized mesh and I just got a message in Autodesk-English telling me that I couldn’t do that because basically the meshes were not all quads. Zbrush didn’t have any problem with that and it worked right away. So I decided to bite the bullet and went online for a couple of semi-painful hours of sifting through various Zbrush tutorials, and voila!

Anyway, I’ll post some more pictures once I’m happy with the result…

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