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Rackham book

October 13th, 2007


We see here an illustration by Arthur Rackham, for the reverent Dogson’s “Alice In Wonderland“.

Recently, when I was near Toulouse, a friend of mine presented me with a French book called “Arthur Rackham: L’Enchanteur Bien-Aime“. It’s a fantastic book chock-full of the master’s illustrations, and a fairly complete account of customes and fashion. It has a lot of very unique and interesting designs, and it goes in-depth on the history or making-of of some of them. In one they talked about alpaca scarf, and I was quite gripped by the story of how the idea came to be.

Stories of fashion and clothing design was not something I was expecting to peak my interest, but this book is very well written. Besides, it’s always fun to learn about something new.


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