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Note that in order to be able to see the movies on this page, you need to have the latest version of Quicktime (v7.0) installed. I appologize for any inconvenience…


Some of those scenes appear in a different form in the movie. This was a ruff production and many scenes/characters/acts were cut and/or significantly changed. I have not managed to find all the scenes that I wanted to put here, but there is already a lot as it is:

This is another compilation of shorter scenes I animated; some of them action scenes. Also, you’ll notice an “encore” from the first compilation, as one of the scenes was shortened and switched to night-time (don’t ask):

This next one is a bit peculiar in the sense that I wanted to show it “as a whole”; I was very fortunate, at the beginning of the show (when the crews were very small), to tackle almost an entire sequence by myself, which is a pretty rare opportunity. So I’m showing it here because I enjoyed working on it!

Update: Here is a movie showing the progression of a scene through the animation process.

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