Importing Doom3 models into Maya


Version 1.9b:
– Likely to be the last version ever. (Unsupported since December ’05)


This is a script that will allow you to import pretty much any model (along with their textures) from Doom 3 to Maya.

Update (11-06-05): MrHTFord sent me this file: md5toMaya_019b.rar. In his words, here is what it does:

“(…) I’ve updated your doom3toMaya_019a.mel script to allow it to be run from mayabatch (i.e. the command line).
I’ve also written a gnu makefile which will automatically load and convert every model and animation in either doom3 or quake4. (…)”

I couldn’t try it since I already uninstalled Doom3 and Q4, but it sounds interesting!

The latest version is here. This mel script (and the facultative GUI icon) should work for Maya 5 and up. To use it:

  • Just put the script somewhere where you’ll know where to find it, and the icon in “my docs/maya/6.0/prefs/icons” or something of the sort. Then in maya make a button with:

source "F:/maya_scripts/my_scripts/doom3toMaya_019b.mel";

Of course, replace the path with the relevant info: Edit (with notepad, not wordpad) the line number 9 (of the the mel script) that says “$doomBasePath” with your valid doom path.

Everything is explained in this thread on

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