How to insert a joint in a chain

December 12th, 2007

Let’s say we need to insert a new joint in between two joints. But The new joint has to be perfectly aligned with the existing ones (meaning in a straight line). Here are two methods to do this:

1) First method:

Assuming the joints are correctly oriented, we can:

  • Duplicate the first joint
  • Get rid of what’s inside (you don’t want a duplicated hierarchy!)
  • Translate it (in object mode) along the axis pointing toward the second joint.
  • Finally re-parent the joints to re-establish the desired hierarchy.

2) Second method:

In case the joints are NOT correctly oriented:

  • Create a CV curve with only two points, while snapping them (CTRL-V) to each of the joints.
  • Then select the Insert Joint tool (in the Skeleton menu) and while holding the “C” key, click and drag on the first joint to “slide” the new joint on the curve.
  • Finally press the “Enter” key to validate the new joint and get rid of the curve!
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