Naming conventions

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Respecting consistent and logical naming conventions early in the project will spare you a lot of headaches later on, whether when tracking down a naming mistake somewhere, or when writing scripts to automate things up.


  • L_= left side
  • R_= right side


  • _SRF = nurbs surface
  • _MSH = polygon mesh
  • _CRV = nurbs curve
  • _JNT = joint that is not at the end of a chain
  • _END = joint at the extremity of a chain
  • _ZERO = node used to keep the transformations of the nodes below it at 0
  • _TOPZERO = node always containing a ZERO node for the same purpose
  • _GRP = group
  • _LOC = locator
  • _IK = IK handle
  • _CON = control
  • _CLT = cluster
  • _WIR = wire deformer
  • _EXP = expression
  • _MDN = multiply/divide node

Important: Note that each element of the name is separated by a “_” character. e.g.: L_shoulder_JNT Or L_thumb_END

Also, the reasons why I use capitals (“L_” and not “l_”) are:

  1. With some fonts, the lower case letter “l” can look like the number “1” or the letter “i”.
  2. It can greatly facilitate your task when searching/replacing through a script.

Anyways, I’m sure you’ll come up with your own rules… :)

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    very important thing to follow, re-blogged!!!

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