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Who needs defensive driving?

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The short answer: we all do. Defensive driving benefits every driver on the road. It makes our streets and highways safer with drivers who are more aware and understand defensive driving techniques that can prevent accidents. But defensive driving courses are beneficial for many drivers, including:

  • new drivers
  • drivers desiring ticket dismissal
  • drivers with a poor driving record
  • drivers with heavy vehicle licence
  • drivers that need to reduce license points
  • drivers that need to reduce auto insurance rates

The Benefits of Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses can teach you how to be more alert, aware, and safe on the road. And while they’re great for getting you out of a sticky situation on the road, they’re also useful for sticky situations with tickets, insurance, and more.

“On average, over 100,000 people are cited for traffic violations each day in the U.S,” says Chicago lawyer Jared Staver. “Many states allow people to take defensive driving courses to reduce demerit points on driving records, show driver improvement to auto insurance providers, or to avoid higher fines for infractions.” If you are willing to improve your engine lifespan check these effuel reviews.

Defensive driving can:

  • Get you out of a ticket.
  • Reduce your license points
  • Reduce your auto insurance premiums
  • Save your license
  • Save your life

Defensive Driving Can Get You Out of a Ticket

There’s no mistaking the feeling of dread when you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You’re getting pulled over — and probably getting a ticket. Are you a terrible driver for getting pulled over? Not necessarily. Traffic tickets happen — even to good drivers. And if you’re serious about improving your driving skills to become a more responsible driver, you can prove it by taking a defensive driving course that will help you get out of a ticket.

Many states and municipalities allow drivers to take defensive driving to reduce the impact of a traffic ticket. Some options offered in your area may include taking a defensive driving course to:

  • Reduce or remove the fine associated with the ticket (however, court fees may still apply, as well as the cost of the course)
  • Remove the ticket from your driving record
  • Avoid adding points to your license

Often, if you take a defensive driving course, it’s as if your ticket never happened — and a great way to redeem your status as a good driver. You can keep the ticket off of your record, avoid accumulating points, and even save money on the fine.

Keep in mind, however, that using defensive driving courses is not a cure for every ticket. Most states will not allow frequent offenders to get out of tickets using defensive driving courses, as they may set a yearly limit on the number of tickets that can be dismissed with defensive driving.

“Defensive driving courses are the most effective for first time traffic violators who are concerned about the impact of a ticket on their premiums,” advises Staver.

Defensive Driving Can Reduce Your License Points

It’s best to take a defensive driving course before a ticket ends up on your driving record, but if you weren’t able to, it’s not too late to keep points from accumulating on your license. In many states, defensive driving courses can still help you reduce the number of points you have.

For example, New York State offers a Point & Insurance Reduction Program that allows drivers in the state to take defensive driving courses that refresh driving knowledge. Drivers who complete the course may be eligible to reduce as many as four points on their driving record.

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