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Exporting tool

February 2nd, 2013 12 comments

I knew it’d be a chore, but it had to be done; I needed to write a tool that allows me to export models and animations from Maya to Unity into several frequently used folders very quickly. Similar to what I did with MayaCE3. So the process goes like this: I select any part of the model, choose a path in the menu and click export. And that’s it. A backup file is also created, in case I discover that my tiny innocuous changes have ruined everything!


I might make it public at some point if there’s enough of an interest for it. But truth be told I don’t even know if there’s a lot of Unity people coming to this site (after all, it used to be heavily geared at the CryEngine until not too long).

Also, I’ve been working very hard on a video of the beta that shows a little gameplay. I hope I can post it within a couple of weeks. The old video was grossly outdated anyway, since I switched to Unity 4. And I don’t count anymore how many times I’ve been asked to post a new video. So here’s a little screen-grab of the video for you, as a teaser… :)


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Overview of the layer export process between Maya and Sandbox

June 12th, 2012 3 comments

And here is a short demonstration of the new layer export workflow between Maya and Sandbox:

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Quick tutorial for MayaCE3

June 11th, 2012 No comments

Since I’ve just released the latest version of MayaCE3 (2.1.6), here’s a quick video tutorial to show how simple it is now to export models.

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Build a CryEngine level directly in Maya!

May 30th, 2012 8 comments

By the way, I’m working right now on a new version of MayaCE3 which will allow you to build the scenery for a CryEngine level (brushes, decals, vegetation…) directly in Maya, and then import it in Sandbox (as a layer) to get back exactly what you had in your Maya scene… :)

Update: I’ve just released the new version, which you can find here, as usual.

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poseLib in action

March 24th, 2012 No comments

If anyone’s curious to see poseLib being used in an animation workflow, here’s something for you: Here (via this site). We used poseLib on “Despicable Me” and “The Lorax” (it’s actually being used by several studios), but the animator using it in this case (Kevin Jackson) is from Rythm & Hues.

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Third CryEngine 3 tutorial: Player model replacement

February 29th, 2012 No comments

… Aaaand a third tutorial about replacing the player model with your own custom character. Enjoy!

(Note: The model and animations are of course place-holders)

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New tutorials

February 27th, 2012 No comments

I just created a couple of tutorials about exporting animated characters to the CryEngine 3. First one is to export a character, second one is to export animations.

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